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Since its inception in 1997, The Heinlein Journal has been the leading source of new scholarship on Robert A. Heinlein. From its beginning, this independent journal has been home to the work of the best known names in Heinlein scholarship. William H. Patterson, Leon Stover, Ph.D, James Gifford, Robert James, Ph.D, Farah Mendlessohn, Robert Gorsch, Ph.D, Edward Wysocki, Ph.D, and a host of others have published their latest research in The Heinlein Journal.

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The Heinlein Journal

Past issues:

Issue No. 20 (January 2007) -- (64 pp.)

"Masonic References in Stranger."-- Dale Dietzman, with commentary by Ron Harrison; "SF TV in the 1950's" -- Tim Kyger; "More Conversation: On the Meaning of Periods" -- Michael Cassutt; "A Correction" -- Anonymous by Request; "More on Periods in Heinlein" -- Tim Kyger; "Another Conversation -- A Further Look at I Will Fear No Evil" -- Charles Martin; "Reader Reaction Erratum" -- Bill Patterson
Bill Mullins: "Biographical Notes on Robert Heinlein and His Family and Associates"
Bill Patterson: "Leon Eugene Stover, Ph.D., Litt. D. --- 1929-2006"
Special Presentation: Proceedings of the Heinlein Studies Area at the 2006 PCA/ACA Annual Meeting -- Lisa Edmonds D'Amico, Area Head.
Chris Leslie: "Space Cadets and Interstellar Citizens"
Lisa N. Edmonds D'Amico: "'I suggest you may be human'" Identity in Select Works of Frank Herbert and Robert A. Heinlein"
Pete McCluskey: "The Game's Afoot: Heinlein and Holmes"
"Heinlein and the Golden Age." Roundtable moderated by Bill Patterson
C. Herbert Gilliland: "Metaphor in Robert Heinlein's Starman Jones"
Greg Stone: "From Mortal to Immortal: The Implications of Longevity and Time Travel Resolved in the World As Myth"
Bill Patterson: "One Diachronic Conversation in the Odd Genre"
Papers and Other Features:
Bill Patterson reviews Spider Robinson's Variable Star
Abstracts & Critiques:
By David C. Wright. Four Heinlein papers in the Summer 2006 issue of Foundation.

Issue No. 19 (July 2006) -- (52 pp.)

"A Conversation About Heinlein and Periods" -- Alexei Panshin and Bill Patterson
Dan Henderson: "Echo of History"
Ron Garmon: "First Junta in Space" (with marginal commentary by Brad Linaweaver, Bill Ritch, Victor Koman, James Gifford and the Editor)
"Heinlein 101" Panel Presentation at the 2005 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference in San Diego, California (plus Question-and-answer Period). Participants: Lisa Edmonds (d'Amico), Bill Patterson, Dave Landry, Rachel Luckman (McGrath-Kerr), and Chris Leslie.
Bill Patterson: "I Want My RAH-TV"
Bill Patterson: "A Reader Reaction to Heinlein's Children"
David S. Wright: "Rebutting Joseph T. Major's View of General Semantics in Heinlein's Children"

Issue No. 18 (January 2006) -- (60 pp.)

Edward Wysocki, Ph.D. "First Use of Classmate's Name," "More on Weems," "Retinal Scans," "Courtroom Procedures."
Elisabeth Anne Leonard: "Farnham's Freehold: A Narrative Enslaved."
Brad Linaweaver: "The Haunted Machine: Conclusion of a Review of The Bradbury Chronicles."
Special Feature: Papers Presented at the 2005 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference in San Diego, California
Bill Patterson: "Canonicity and Controversy: Reception of Heinlein's World as Myth Books."
Chris Leslie: "Fascist Sci-Fi? Using Reader Response to Decode/Defuse the Conservative Environment of Heinlein's Novels."
Pete McCluskey: "The Great Globe Itself: Shakespearean Allusion in Heinlein's Novels."
Chrtistopher Brooks: "One Is Not Born a Woman: Gender Politics in Robert Heinlein's Friday."
Dave Landry: Father's Daughters: Sexuality in Two Works from Heinlein's Final Decade."
Lisa Edmonds: "How to Build a Better Human: Why We Need (and Hate) APs, the Howard Families, Replicants, and the Khans."
Dawn Baker: "The Man-Made Faith of the Man from Mars."
Robert James, Ph.D. "Freedom Is a Lonely Thing: Robert Heinlein's For Us, the Living Reconsidered."
Michzel Kagan: "Heinlein and Heroic Education: The Education of the Hero in Have Space Suit -- Will Travel, Glory Road, and Stranger In a Strange Land."

Issue No. 17 (July 2005) -- (36 pp.)

The Editor: "About This Issue -- And the Next"
Bill Mullins: "More Archival Materials"
Ed Wysocki, Ph.D. "Yet Another Character Name"
David Silver: "Anson and John D. -- Together Again for the First Time"
Robert J. Grieve: "The Heinlein Centennial Exposition"
Lisa N. Edmonds. "Call for Papers -- Heinlein Studies Area of the Popular Culture Association, National PCA/ACA Conference, 2006, in Atlanta, Georgia"
Brad Linaweaver: Where's the Rest of Him? Introduction to a Review of a Bradbury Biography"
Special Feature: Two Papers Presented at the 2004 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas
Peter M. McCluskey: "Have Monomyth, Will Travel: The Hero's Journey in Heinlein's Juvenile Novels"
Robert James, Ph.D. "The Last Utopia? Robert Heinlein's For Us, the Living"
The Heinlein Centennial, Kansas City: 07/07/1907 - 07/07/2007
More Papers:
Bill Patterson. "A Very Difficult Book: Preliminary Thoughts on I Will Fear No Evil"
David Silver: "The Lonely Silver Rain: Part II of a Sketch on the Motivations of Robert A. Heinlein's World As Myth"

Issue No. 16 (January 2005) -- (40 pp.)

Alexei Panshin "Regarding 'A Study of "Blowups Happen"'"
Edward Wysocki, Ph.D. "Corrections to a Correction"
Bill Patterson, ed. "A Fourth Version of the Forrestal Lecture"
Bill Mullins. "Heinlein in Other Archives"
Mike Cassutt: "Encountering the Heinleins"
Lisa Edmonds: "Have Paper --Will Travel: Thirteen Heinlein Panelists Descend on San Diego"
Robert James, Ph.D. "Edison and Tesla: A Suggested Solution"
Ed Wysocki, Ph.D. "Heinlein's Mechanical Computers"
David Silver: "Blame It All On H. Bruce Franklin: A Sketch of the Motivation Behind the Final 'World As Myth' Novels of Robert A. Heinlein." Part 1 -- Introduction
Special Feature: Papers Presented at the 2004 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas
Chris Leslie: "Robert Heinlein's Challenge to the Bureaucratic States: The Speculative Potential of Sixth Column, "If This Goes On--," The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, Citizen of the Galaxy, and Friday
Oscar de los Santos: "Conspiracy, Paranoia, Alien Abductions and the Alien Takeover Plot Before and After Heinlein's The Puppet Masters
Kyle S. Bozeman: "The Heinlein Juvenile Novels: A Feminist Perspective
Lisa Edmonds: "Sex and Other Metaphors: Heinlein Redefines Beauvoir's Myth of Woman with His Vision of the Eternal Feminine"

Issue No. 15 (July 2004) -- (48 pp.)

Letters Spider Robinson to Brad Linaweaver: "Regarding 'The Man Who Traveled in Elephants'"
Gal Haimovich: "In the Distant Future -- A Reader's Review of The Counterfeit Heinlein (2001) by Laurence M. Janifer"
Kate Gladstone: "Water-Beds, Pre-Heinlein: An Investigation"
Bill Patterson: "H.G. Wells & the County of the Future"
Robert A. Heinlein (Bill Patterson, ed.) "Textual Comparison of Three Versions of Robert A. Heinlein's Forrestal Lecture"
Bill Patterson. "A Study of 'Blowups Happen'"

Issue No. 14 (January 2004) -- For Us, The Living (48 pp.)

Letters Ed Wysocki, Ph.D., Sean Gaffney, Jay Stribling
John deChancie. "Solution Satisfactory" -- a review of the ARTC production of "Solution Unsatisfactory"
Edward Wysocki, Ph.D. "Naval Technology in Heinlein's Stories"
C. Herbert Gilliland, "Writing and Reading at Heinlein's Naval Academy"
Lisa N. Edmonds. "Heinlein and the Popular Culture Association: New Opportunities and New Dimensions"
Bill Patterson: "Robert A. Heinlein, For Us, the Living, and the Paradoxical Romance"
Hunter, Michael "First Look: The Influences of H.G. Wells on Robert A. Heinlein's For Us, the Living"
Robert James, Ph.D. "Rewriting the Future of the Past: Robert A. Heinlein's For Us, the Living and Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward"
Brad Linaweaver "Alternate Heinlein: The Politics of For Us, the Living"
Bill Patterson. "A Study of 'Coventry'"

Issue No. 13 (July 2003). "Remembering Virginia Heinlein"

Special issue. (44 pp.)

Feature articles:
Bill Patterson "Virginia Heinlein, a Biographical Sketch."
"Remembering Ginny Heinlein: a Compendium of Memories" -- personal memories of Virginia Heinlein by her husband and friends
Bill Patterson: "April 26, 2003: A Report of the Scattering of Ginny Heinlein's Ashes"
Letter: Ed Wysocki, Ph.D., "Dating Problems."
Phillip H. Owenby: "Virginia Heinlein: Silent Partner."

Issue No. 12 (January 2003) (52 pp.)

Obituary of Virginia Heinlein by Robert James, Ph.D.
Robert James, Ph.D. "You Must Keep It On the Market Until Sold: Robert Heinlein's Rejections of His Rejections"
Edward M. Wysocki, Ph.D. "Admiral Heinlein?"
Tim Morgan. "Campbell and Heinlein"
David Wright, Sr. "Time Enough for Everything: A Look at Time Travel in Science Fiction," Part 2, "Multi-Dimensioned Time Travel."
Edward M. Wysocki, Ph.D. "The Naval Aircraft Factory"
Bill Patterson. "A Study of 'The Roads Must Roll'"

Issue No. 11 (July 2002) (48 pp.)

Letters: Peter Scott about Leslyn Heinlein; Edward Wysocki with corrections to the dedications article; Michael Cassutt and Ron Gorman on Panshin's use of the "snipe hunt" idiom
Ray Bradbury comments about Destination Moon.
Kate Gladstone: "Words, Words, Words: Robert Heinlein and General Semantics"
Robert Gorsch: "Heinlein from Left to Right"
Robert James, Ph.D. "More Regarding Leslyn"
Robert James, Ph.D. "Heinlein on the Airwaves"
David Wright, Sr. "Time Enough for Everything: A Look at Time Travel in Science Fiction," Part 1, "Linear Time Travel"
Joseph T. Major "All the Day: Comparison of 'All' by John W. Campbell, Jr., and 'Sixth Column'/The Day After Tomorrow by Robert A. Heinlein"
Bill Patterson: "A Study of 'Beyond Doubt'"

Issue No. 10 (January 2002) (48 pp.)

Edward Wysocki on "More Character Names"
Timothy Morgan: "FRIDAY's Dedications."
Andrew Thornton and William H. Patterson, Jr. "Jubal and the Secretaries."
Edward Wysocki: "Reflections on a Device."
Jack Thornton: "J. Fish."
Jane Davitt and Timothy Morgan: "Heinlein's Dedications"
Bill Patterson: "Study of 'Lost Legacy'" (illustrated).
Abstract & Critique:
Leon Stover's Science Fiction from Wells to Heinlein

Issue No. 9 (July 2001) (48 pp.)

John LeGere, Virginia Heinlein, Mike Cassutt, and Irvin Koch
Edward M. Wysocki, Jr., Ph.D. "Do You Know What Time It Is?: Robert Heinlein and the Telechronometer"
"Pay It Forward: Regarding the Heinlein Society"
Brad Linaweaver: "Destination Freedom: An Appreciation of Robert A. Heinlein's Destination Moon"
Robert James, Ph.D.: "Regarding Leslyn," a biographical sketch of Leslyn MacDonald Heinlein Mocabee
Randy Jost, Mike Craig, Ogden Johnson, III, and David M. Silver: "Finding What Is Already Known: Using the Internet to Discover Existing and Ongoing Research on Heinlein and Heinleinia"
Review by Jane Davitt of the Martian Named Smith Critical Perspectives on Robert A. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land

Issue No. 8 (January 2001) (52 pp.)

Irvin Koch, Brad Linaweaver, Virginia Heinlein, James Gifford
Feature: Atlanta Radio Theatre Company Adaptation of "The Man Who Traveled in Elephants" -- Script by Brad Linaweaver and Virginia Heinlein
Jane Davitt: "Red Planet -- Blue Pencil"
Bill Patterson: "A Study of 'Requiem'"
Robert James, Ph.D. "The Age of Reasoning: Starship Troopers & the History of the Franchise in America"
Cumulative Index of The Heinlein Journal, Issues 1-8 (July 1997 through January 2001)

Issue No. 7 (July 2000) (48 pp)

James Gifford: "The Last Boy Scout: Variations in 'A Tenderfoot in Space'"
Internet Heinlein Readers' Group: "Starship Troopers -- The Movie"
David M. Silver: "Finding What Spoiled Maureen, or, Using the Internet to Supplement Enjoyment of a Heinlein Reading"
John C. LeGere: "Navigators: Starman Jones and Life on the Mississippi"
Edward Wysocki: "Heinlein's Kamikaze Project and Caleb Laning"
Bill Patterson: "A Study of 'If This Goes On--'""
Abstracts & Critiques: Leon Stover, ed. H.G. Wells When the Sleeper Wakes ; James Gifford: Robert A. Heinlein: A Readers' Companion ; Bill Patterson: "The Heir of James Branch Cabell"

Issue No. 6 (January 2000) (44 pp.)

Letters: Leon Stover, Virginia Heinlein
Jane Davitt: "The Number of the Boat"; Edward M. Wysocki, Jr., Ph.D.: "Even More on Names"; Bill Patterson: "Early Chronology of STRANGER"; Robert Gorsch: "Heinlein in Top 100s"; John C. LeGere: "Wells, Dunne, Heinlein"
Joseph T. Major: "Writing Stories Never Written: Speculation Concerning 'Stories Never Written'"
Jane Davitt: "Of One Blood: The Influence of Rudyard Kipling on Robert A. Heinlein"
Bill Patterson: "A Study of 'Pied Piper'"
Panel: "Are We There Yet?"-- Part 6 (Conclusion)

Issue No. 5 (July 1999) (48 pp.)

Letters: Leon Stover, Virginia Heinlein
Michael Garrett: "Johnny Rico's Nationality"
Errata; Notice to Readers
Bill Patterson: "Robert A. Heinlein: A Biographical Sketch"
Bill Patterson: "A Study of 'My Object All Sublime'"
Panel: "Are We There Yet?" -- Part 5
Abstracts & Critiques: J. Neil Schulman: The Robert Heinlein Interview and Other Heinleinia
Issue No. 4 (January 1999) (44 pp.)

Letters: Kevin B. O'Brien, Erratum, John Tilden
Leon Stover, Ph.D., Litt. D, "The Forrestal Lecture"
Edward M. Wysocki, Jr., Ph.D. "A Source for Heinlein Character Names"
James Gifford: "Heinlein's Wartime Book Reviews"

Joseph T. Major: "Robert A. Heinlein's Second Future History"
Robert G. Kennedy III and Brad Linaweaver: "Three Perspectives on Tramp Royale"
Bill Patterson: "A Study of 'Let There Be Light'"
Bill Patterson: "A Study of 'Elsewhen'"
Panel: "Are We There Yet?" (Part 4)
Abstracts & Critiques: Phillip Owenby: "Silent Partner: The Power Behind the Throne"

Issue No. 3 (July 1998) (48 pp.)

Letters: Leon Stover, Bill Patterson, Andrew Thornton
Leon Stover, Ph.D., Litt.D. "The Naming of Lazarus Long"
James Gifford: "Heinlein and Hollywood, 1948 - 1963"
Edward M. Wysocki, Jr. "A Flight of Speculation"

Andrew Thornton: "Mythos and Logos: The Influence of P.D. Ouspensky in the Fiction of Robert A. Heinlein: Glory Road and the World As Myth Books" (Part 3, conclusion)
Solomon Davidoff: "The Heir of Patrick Henry: Robert Heinlein's Attack on Communism in the Novel Starship Troopers"
Bill Patterson: "A Study of 'Misfit'"
Panel: "Are We There Yet?" (Part 3)
Abstracts & Critiques: Barton Paul Levinson: "The Ideology of Robert Heinlein"

Issue No. 2 (January 1998) (48 pp.)

Letters: Leon Stover, Dan'l Danehy-Oakes, Errata, Alan M. Milner
Leon Stover, Ph.D., Litt. D.: "The Heinlein-Manson Hoax"
Edward M. Wysocki, Jr., Ph.D.: "Heinlein's Mystery Device"
Andrew Thornton: "Mythos and Logos: The Influence of P.D. Ouspensky in the Fiction of Robert A. Heinlein" (Part 2)
Bill Patterson: "A Study of 'Life-Line'"
Panel: "Are We There Yet?" -- Part 2
Abstracts & Critiques: Farah Mendelsohn: "Corporatism and the Corporate Ethos in Robert Heinlein's 'The Roads Must Roll'"; Gary Westfahl: "'You Don't Know What You Are Talking About': Robert A. Heinlein and the Racism of American Science Fiction"

Issue No. 1 (July 1997) (48 pp.)

Notes: Leon Stover, Ph.D., Litt.D. "Heinlein's Wastebasket"
Farah Mendlesohn, M.A.: "'Almost' a Feminist?"
Bill Patterson: "Heinlein's Black N"
R.I.P. Tom Perry
Papers: James Gifford: "Let There Be Write: Robert A. Heinlein's Start in Science Fiction"
Andrew Thornton. "Mythos and Logos: The Influence of P.D. Ouspensky in the fiction of Robert A. Heinlein) (Part 1 of 3)
Panel: "Are We There Yet?" -- Part 1 of 6 examining Heinlein's 1950 predictions in "Where To" concerning the year 2000 a.d.
Abstracts & Critiques: The contents of the Summer 1995 Heinlein issue of Extrapolation

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